Looking for an international career?

With close to 8,700 employees of 63 different nationalities, Fives has more than 100 companies in thirty countries. Thanks to our presence in six continents and a significant share of our sales generated from exports, we are truly able to offer our employees an international career, should they wish one.  All our employees - whether as Sales engineers, Commissioning engineers, Project Managers, Site managers or working in support departments - are given the possibility to pursue an international career and to work in a multicultural context.

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Over the course of my career as an engineer, I have had the opportunity to travel internationally for a number of projects. The purpose of these trips has been as varied as the destinations.
All of these journeys have resulted in gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the myriad of cultures and ways of thinking that exist throughout the world. The key to being effective in all situations is to have the flexibility to adjust one’s thinking and habits to the culture one is situated in while at the same time sharing of yourself. If you are fortunate to travel internationally, embrace the differences that exist in the world. By doing so, you will find out how much in common we all have. Be open to the experience and enjoy!

Engineering Manager, Control – Metal Cutting | Composites
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My job implies a lot of long business travels directly on customer’ sites. This experience is rewarding both from a personal and professional point of view. Being a site manager always implies experience with different people, mentalities, ideas and obviously different problems to solve.
Apart from the distance with my family, my job enables me to see so many different things!

Site Manager – Intralogistics