Digital driving performance and flexibility

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  • Usine digitale intralogistics 1-FIVES
  • Usine digitale fives stein 2-FIVES
  • Usine digitale automation 3-FIVES
  • Usine digitale fives cinetic 4-FIVES

Digital provides a technological response to today’s new industrial challenges: economic and operational performance, the preservation of natural resources and human roles in plants. 

Today’s plants are totally connected, and are becoming "smart" and more agile. Operators have access to accurate information collected in real time; operator-machine interactions are more fluid, thanks to mobile and more intuitive interfaces. Production system performance is therefore optimized throughout the equipment life cycle: 

  • From the plant design phase, digital tools are used for production line modeling. 
  • Digital technologies offer greater flexibility during operation, thanks to data provided by sensors that enables production to be adapted in real time to requirements and resources. 
  • Maintenance can be anticipated. 

Fives combines its process expertise with digital tools to offer industrial companies solutions that facilitate production system management and maintenance coupled with aftersales services. 

  • Data management 
  • Flow management
  • Modelling and simulation of production line equipment
  • Digital control and robotization



Fives has designed a fully-automated sorting platform for Coliposte to handle 16,000 items per hour. The automated sorting system incorporates camera barcode reading, video encoding and optical character recognition (OCR). The entire installation is managed by Trace®, the Fives WCS. 

WCS Trace® (Warehouse Control System) is an automated system management tool for logistics (messaging, distribution, e-commerce systems, etc.). This intuitive software package helps to optimize parcel shipment and track progress in real time.

Sugar | Bioenergy


OMNICANE has chosen Fives Sugar Consulting and its CAMEIOTM approach to support its sugar complex in Mauritius, in order to optimize its energy performance. The plant has been digitized using the model developed by Fives, which integrated its operational data (consumption, sugarcane quality, etc.). Fives experts used the model to make recommendations throughout the production run, reducing steam consumption by more than 10%.

CAMEIOTM is a fully digital technico-economic simulation model that, coupled with Fives teams’ business expertise, helps to optimize cane sugar plant revenue on a day-to-day basis. It covers both sugar and ethanol production with a focus on energy efficiency (steam and electricity production and consumption).


Digital tools designed by Fives for SNCF maintenance

Fives is developing digital solutions to facilitate installation and tool maintenance for SNCF. This is part of the DIGI IO tool installation project, which is an element of SNCF’s "Plant of the Future" program, a project that is part of the transportation group’s digital transformation plan.

Metal Cutting | Composites

FACC Operations GmbH
, a leader in the development and production of components and systems made of composite materials for the aircraft industry, called on Fives to use Fives Cincinnati’s ACESV2 programming software. It was used for manufacturing the complex internal shapes of the outer wing region using this automated tape laying process under high-rate serial production conditions.

ACES® (Advanced Composites Environment Suite) is analysis, simulation and programming software for tape laying and composite fiber placement. It is used to validate part configuration and maximize machine performance. 


EyeronTM is a web application for steel sheet quality management. It gathers all available production line data to present a clear display and quick analysis, so metallurgy issues can be resolved.

In September 2015, Fives and Baotou, the largest steelmaker in north-eastern China, signed an agreement for technical assistance in the development and production of a wide range of top-end steel for the automotive sector. All these services will be supported by systems developed by Fives KEODS: AbSIS™ and Eyeron™.