Eco-design and the Engineered Sustainability® program

An innovation process focusing on environmental performance

Fives designs technologies for industries that are especially exposed to environmental challenges. Positioning itself as a participant in a more sustainable industrial future, Fives aims for exemplarity in terms of energy efficiency and environmental performance for all of its products - the very goal of the Group’s Engineered Sustainability® eco-design program.

The program is based on quantitative methods for analyzing the environmental impact generated by a technology, and mobilizes teams to search for the best combination between environmental performance, ease of use and minimum operating costs - while maintaining optimum quality in the finished product.

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A commitment expressed in a brand

The Engineered Sustainability® brand recognizes equipment that has undergone a process to analyze and improve its environmental performance.

In choosing equipment with the Engineered Sustainability® brand, the Group's customers know they are buying a technology with the highest level of performance in terms of energy efficiency, safety and environmental impact management.

Engineered Sustainability® equipment assists Fives' customers in achieving the objective of reducing not only their own environmental footprint but also that of the products they market.

The principles of eco-design

They are progressively being applied throughout Fives’ offering. To date, eight products have received the Engineered Sustainability® brand in the Automation, Steel and Aluminium business lines, and 10 eco-design projects are under way.

Through its eco-design program, Fives has developed a number of technological solutions meeting the criteria for the Engineered Sustainability® brand

CentriSpray (Automation)

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CentriSpray (Automation)

For the precision washing and drying of engine parts (crankshafts and cylinder heads) for the automotive industry, the new chamber-type washing machine has proven benefits in terms of reducing environmental impact:

  • reduced energy consumption, lower than that of traditional tunnel-type washing machines, due to a function that adjusts the equipment to suit the parts being cleaned at that precise time
  • management of the air output used to dry the parts, reducing the processing of used air
  • the possibility of redeploying the washing machine for use on other types of parts, thus enabling its extended operation.

Stein Digit@l Furnace® Advantek (Steel)

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Stein Digit@l Furnace® Advantek (Steel)

Fives' eco-designed reheating furnace features:

  • More efficient heating: reduced gas consumption  and a more compact furnace, thanks to higher overall efficiency and heat recovery
  • Minimal NOx emissions (-10 to -20%)
  • Minimal operation costs: longer refractory lifetime, less maintenance requirements
  • Maximum flexibility:
    • lowest energy consumption and NOx emissions whether with full or partial loads
    • up to +/-50°C between head and tail at the core of the product
    • easier use of site generated fuels

Genios (Aluminium)

Genios 725x300-FIVES

Genios (Aluminium)

The electromagnetic stirring and casting system for aluminium furnaces developed by Fives benefits from a technology that:

  • is the only solution that allows customers to carry out stirring and casting with the same system
  • requires only a minimal amount of energy to obtain a high standard of homogeneity (savings of 20% on cycle time and 10% on gas consumption compared with manual techniques, and 50% on electricity consumption compared with competitors' electromagnetic solutions).
  • offers high-precision casting and a 15% decrease in scrap metal compared with mechanical transfer pumps.
  • is easy to install and use, with no need for civil work or downtime for maintenance.

Ozeos (Aluminium)

ozeos 725x402-FIVES

Ozeos (Aluminium)

Compared with the best technologies currently installed on site, this module for processing gases derived from aluminium production:

  • decreases polluting emissions by 20%
  • reduces the electricity consumption of the gas treatment center by 5%
  • has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance
  • offers the best efficiency/size balance

Pillard NovaFlam® (Combustion)

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Pillard NovaFlam® (Combustion)

The rotary kiln burner is one of the most critical equipment in cement plants because of its direct influence on the pyro-process. Fives’ Pillard NovaFlam® kiln burner is based on a multi-channel design - meaning that a large variety of fuels, including alternative ones (plastics, solid wastes, biomass ...) can be used, while maintaining an optimal clinker quality.

The eco-design studies on Pillard NovaFlam®, which started in February 2013, revealed that this technology allows customer achieving:

→ A better plant Operability:

  • Higher kiln availability thanks to reduced sulfur volatilization ratio, less ring formation and plugging issues at kiln inlet, better kiln refractory lifetime,
  • Flexibility with a high level of reactivity to variable operation conditions,
  • Easy to use for operator.

→ Improvements on plant performances:

  • A clinker quality improved, 
  • A specific consumption reduction of the plant, with both reduction of fuel consumption for the kiln and cement mill power consumption thanks to better grindaility clinker,
  • Production improvement from 2 to 4%,
  • A high alternative fuel substitution, >80% in numerous cases,
  • NOx reduction.

Following ISO regulatory standards

Fives’ eco-design program and the Engineered Sustainability® brand follow the recommendations of ISO standards relating to:

  • life cycle analysis (ISO 14040)
  • the integration of environmental aspects in product design and development (ISO 14062)
  • the communication of environmental data (ISO 14020 and 14021)

Fives asked the independent auditors Ernst & Young to undertake an external audit of the program, which led to the issuance of a certificate for Fives, in October 2013.