Fives Solios has been a driver of sustainable industrial progress for more than 150 years when “Compagnie de Fives Lille » was created in 1861



2008: Compagnie de Fives Lille became Fives.

Fives Solios changed its visual identity and brand name to become Fives Solios within Fives Group

2004: Creation of a subsidiary in China

2003: Creation of a subsidiary in Bahrain

2003: Creation of the Aluminium Business Unit, namely “Solios”, within “Compagnie de Fives Lille” which gathered FCB Aluminium, Procedair SA, Procedair Industries and Stein Atkinson Stordy (SAS)





2007: Integration of Setaram Engineering, a specialist in the Firing & Control Systems on Anode Baking Furnaces, in Solios Carbone

2003: FCB Aluminium became Solios Carbone

2002: Creation of a services subsidiary in South Africa

2000: FCB-DMC became FCB Aluminium

1996: FCB is organized into 3 departments:
- FCB-DMC (Minerals & Carbon Products) located in Givors,
- FCB-DSU (Sugar), located in Lille,

- FCB-DCI (Cement) located in Lille.

1990: After having transferred Babcock subsidiary, the industrial group became FCB within the mother company “Compagnie de Fives Lille”.
1973: Fusion with Babcok Atlantique Company which will become FCB (Fives Cail Babcock).

1958: Fusion with the French company “Société Française de Constructions Mécaniques” (previously called Cail Company) to deal with foreign competition. The new company name was Fives Lille Cail.
1918: Almost 8,000 workers in Givors’ workshops

1861: Creation of “Compagnie de Fives Lille” located in Fives district in Lille city (France), which was specialized in the construction of equipment for rail road’s and metallic bridges. Creation of special manufacturing workshops in Givors.



 Participation to the construction of the Lafayette Bridge in Paris in 1890





2003: Procedair SA became Solios Environnement SA and Procedair Industries became Solios Environnement Inc

1991: SAIE changed name to Procedair SA.

1987: Fusion with Syprim to become Syprim Air Industries Environnement.

1982: Creation of Procedair Industries in Montreal 

1973: The group was officially named Air Industries after fusion with Prat Daniel & Tunzini Ameliorair.

1958: The company name changed to Tunzini.

1919: After a couple of fusions, the company became “Etablissements Tunzini Latte & Simon” and then Pratt Daniel. It was specialized in industrial dust collection.
1906: Creation of a Company of stove setting in Versailles (France).





2003: SAS became Solios Thermal

1987: Acquisition by Compagnie de Fives Lille.

1961: Fusion with Jack Stordy, a combustion specialist. The company became Stein Atkinson Stordy (S.A.S.).

1916: Fusion between Charles Marie Stein and James Atkinson, a furnace-specialized Engineer.  A couple of years later, the company changed name to Stein Atkinson. 

1908: Creation of the French Company Charles Marie Stein & Cie, specialized in industrial heating.




2012: Creation of Solios Chemical by Integration of Litwin Mulhouse, a specialist in Carbo-chemical and Distillation activities. 




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