Clinker cooler dedusting 

Fives Solios cares about the risk of abrasion and the need for reliability in clinker cooler applications. That's where our expertise in heat exchanger design and pulse-jet baghouses comes in.  We also pay special attention to material handling systems and layouts in order to optimize the trade-off between cost and performance.

Fives Solios has the tools to ensure optimum performance from difficult clinker cooler dedusting applications:

Our robust heat exchanger and baghouse feature low velocities at key points subject to abrasion,

Our proprietary multi-variable sizing and estimating software allows us to find the best combination to minimize total installed cost.

The result is excellent performance with no surprises.  

Careful design of heat exchanger inlets, hoppers, and baghouse manifolds is required to deal with the abrasive nature of hot clinker dust. 

Double-dump valves, drag and screw conveyors must be specified with extra concern.

The baghouse inlet temperature must be selected to get the best trade-off between the size of the heat exchanger and that of the baghouse, and the overall system size must be selected in view of both capital and operating costs.  When Fives Solios applies its tools to this problem, the result is an optimized solution like the two turnkey systems supplied to Cemex Balcones in 2007 - 2008.


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