Watertube boilers: front fired 


2011 - Meeting meet Low NOx emissions in Gas firing with GRC LONOxFLAM® G2 Burners at CRISTAL UNION SILLERY sugar plant (France)


2009 - The Lowest NOx emissions ever met in HFO firing - COFELY (France)


2009 - Electricité de France (EDF) reactivates 2600 MW(e) using Fives Pillard burners


2009 - Use of new oil additives at the ENERTHERM Heating Plant (Paris La Défense, France)


2009 - CFD modeling: an efficient tool for improving boiler plants


2009 - Reducing NOx and CO2 emission in two 100 t/hr and 45 t/hr boilers thanks to LONOxFLAM® gas burners


2009 - Drastic NOx reduction with Heavy Fuel Oil firing at SOCOS Orléans, France


2009 - Reducing NOx, CO and dust emissions for SDCC Group ELYO Ile de France, in Clichy (France)


2009 - Increasing boiler efficiency by adding an economiser and using a "CO2 saver" system


2009 - NOx emission below 70 mg/Nm3 when firing fuel gas containing high H2 % at NEREFCO (Netherlands)


2006 - Retrofitting 3 dual-fuel fired 100 t/hr MHI boilers at the plastic materials complex of ENIP at SKIKDA (Algeria)


2006 - Retrofitting 2 x 50 t/hr dual-fuel fired boilers at the SONATRACH - NAFTEC SPA refinery in Algiers (Algeria)


2006 - Reduction of polluting emissions when firing heavy fuel-oil at the C.P.C.U., Grenelle Heating Plant (Paris)


2005 - Reduction of NOx and CO emissions of a heavy-oil boiler for S.O.D.C. (Elyo Group) at Orléans (France)


2005 - Low-NOx burners for the Serbian 'NIS - Pancevo Oil Refinery”


2005 - Reduction of NOx emissions from a boiler of SANOFI AVENTIS Cy exploited by ELYO I.D.F., Romainville, Paris area, (France)


2004 - APAVE: Reducing NOx emissions thanks to revamping


2004 - Very low NOx and CO emissions for two 50 MW OMNICAL watertube boilers


2004 - Heating of Paris-La Défense (France): Heavy fuel-oil and pure air


2004 - Revamping of a 45 MW boiler fired with heavy oil and natural gas, aiming at complying with the new emission standards: SETE plant in Strasbourg (France)


2004 - Revamping of a 120 MW russian boiler (superheated water), KVGM 100 type, KADAKA power plant, Tallinn (Estonia)


2004 - Reduction of NOx emissions for one boiler at S.T.I.T. company, TOUL (France)


2004 - Revamping and reducing emissions of the Bucharest-South power station (Romania)


2004 - The Beijing airport boiler (P.R. China), natural gas fired


2004 - Revamping and reducing emissions of the Braila power station (Romania)




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01/03/2014: Fives delivers an HAPL to Chinese Steelmaker SWSS

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Managing skills based on respect for employees

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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