In 2007, NORDON INDUSTRIES was fully integrated into the activities of the Fives Group and became Fives Nordon.
Fives Nordon has established itself as one of the world leaders in the construction of piping for nuclear power plants. Fives Nordon is qualified to provide all types of nuclear piping, including the most complex systems such as primary piping, surge lines and has also developed its activities in the areas of petrochemistry, shipbuilding, paper, etc.

Since 2004, its annual mean growth has been 15%. In parallel, it has launched an ambitious investment plan to allow it to have high-performance, high-quality production equipment at its disposal and a recruitment and training plan that will allow it to maintain its skills and know-how which are the foundations of client trust and loyalty.
Fives Nordon attaches great importance to preserving its technical expertise at the highest level and to meeting the strictest of quality and safety standards, thus illustrating its quest to remain the leader which it always has been in the design, manufacture and installation of fluids systems equipment.
From NORDON Frères to Fives Nordon
1904: On 1st February 1904, Gustave NORDON founded the Company NORDON Frères, a family-owned pressure vessel fabrication company, in Nancy, France.

1904-1940: Doted with an eminently innovative mind, Gustave NORDON rapidly developed his business, particularly thanks to 23 patents filed between 1917 and 1940, including the famous “NORDON Sleeve”. Between 1930 and 1940, NORDON Frères gained enviable notoriety in the fields of piping and pressure vessel fabrication through the high quality and high-tech nature of its work.
1945-1975: The Thirty Glorious Years
NORDON Frères was an active player in this second industrial revolution and blossomed in areas around its core business of piping, thus becoming one of the most important builders of thermal power plants (1950-1970).

During this period, NORDON Frères merged in 1958 with the Fruhinsholz cooperage, taking on the name NORFRU, and then with the company Diebold which was specialised in brewing and malting equipment, pumps and handling to become NFD in 1962 and then NORDON et Cie in 1968.
The small craftsman’s workshop in Malzéville became in just over one half century a pipe fitter active in all sectors of activity: oil, gas, agrofood, energy.
1975-1990: After the first oil crisis in 1973, France launched a vast plan to build 58 nuclear power plants and NORDON et Cie was one of the major companies involved, building water and steam piping systems for the machine room and nuclear accessories. At this time, it created its Quality system which it has preserved and improved over time.                                                                 

1990-2000: When an end was put to the nuclear programme in the late 1980s, the company was forced to evolve and became one of the European leaders in the study and manufacture of high-pressure piping systems for conventional thermal power plants and combined cycle power plants. It developed know-how in the design and manufacture of expansion joints as well as in aluminium pressure vessel fabrication. It also expanded its client-oriented maintenance, modifications and new works activities provided in client units through its Regional Branches and Large Projects Division. It also solidified its specific skills in clean piping systems for ultrapure gasses in particular for microelectronics applications, becoming a leader in this field.

2000: NORDON et Cie became a 100% subsidiary of the FIVES LILLE Group and took on the name of NORDON INDUSTRIES. Since then, it has refocused its efforts on its core piping systems business and continues to enrich its specific know-how. Since 2003, it has reported strong growth in step with energy demands and the resurgence of construction of nuclear and thermal power plants.


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