1956 - Cinetic Sorting Corp. is established in Louisville (USA) as Seamco Inc.    


1957 -  Cinetic Sorting S.p.a. is established in Lonate Pozzolo (Italy) as CML (Costruzioni Meccaniche Lonatesi).


Costruzioni Meccaniche Lonatesi


1964 - The first automated system for parcels is supplied to Poste Italiane in Italy.


First Poste Italiane, CML                                              


1967 - Cinetic Sorting K.K. starts its activity in Japan as a Sorting division of Sandvik K.K.


1974 - First large parcel sorting systems installed in Japan.


Tilt tray sorter, CML                                                         


1977 - The Italian Postal Service awards a contract for the automation of the Parcel Center in Milan. Between the 70s and the 80s, automated sorting systems are designed and installed all over Italy, according to the automation plan of Poste Italiane, aiming at updating its network. This includes after sales services and maintenance contracts which are still in force today.


1979 - The TRISORT shoe sorter is invented and patented.         


1982 - The SBIR cross belt sorter is invented and patented.


US postal centre                                                             


1987 - The SBIR system is chosen by the U.S. Postal Service and more than 300 sorters for “Small Parcels and Bundles” are supplied.


1990 - The Multilevel PLUSSORT is developed.


1991 - Sandvik AB acquires Seamco Inc.


1995 - The TWINSORT is developed.


1996 - Sandvik AB acquires CML.


1997 - The first Baggage Handling System is supplied and installed at the Rome Airport. The system includes TRISORT and SBIR sorters.


1998 - The Linear Parcel Singulator is invented.


1999-2001 - The three Sorting companies change name to Sandvik Sorting Systems.


2001 - The SBIR system is chosen by the Italian Post for processing trays. The cross belt sorter is not used for sorting only but also for the transportation and connection among different sub-processes inside the mail centers.


2001 - A package processing system including SBIR sorter, Trisort and Singulator is chosen by USPS for the APPS project.


2004 - The ACCORD bulk item singulator is invented.


2004 - Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) and Early Baggage Storage systems are designed for SEA Malpensa Airport in Milan including 4 SBIR MD-BH, Carousel and Vertical Sort Conveyor.


2007 - Sorting companies are acquired by Fives Group and change name to Cinetic Sorting.     


In France

Cinetic Transitique was born out of the merging of two subsidiairies of the Cinetic Group, Gallet S.A. (founded in 1946) and S.E. Manumeca (founded in 1966), two leading players in automated handling systems in France and throughout the world. Today, Cinetic Transitique combines this long-standing experience with a spirit of permanent innovation. The frequently-renewed trust from its customers has contributed to their illustrious history.


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