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03/19/2014: Fives Group will attend the 34th Forum Arts & Métiers ParisTech 2014

In March 27th 2014, the Fives Group will attend...

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02/17/2014: Fives Stein key contract with Indian steel maker JSPL for a reheating furnace

  Fives Stein, a leading designer and supplier...

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01/03/2014: Fives delivers an HAPL to Chinese Steelmaker SWSS

Paris, January 3, 2014 – Fives has just signed...

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Managing skills based on respect for employees

Fives implements a human resources policy that...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an industrial engineering group, Fives is at...

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 LT3 Large Orbital Crankshaft Grinders 

Large orbital grinder crankshaft ship construction Fives Cinetic Landis


The LT3 Large Orbital Crankshaft Grinding Machine is the latest innovation from Cinetic Landis Ltd. Designed to grind large crankshafts, the LT3 gathers state-of-the-art technological developments, providing outstanding features.


The machine grinds the crankshaft main bearings on axis and orbitally grinds the crank pins without having to remove the shaft from the machine, so increasing the accuracy of the geometry of the shaft. In addition, the machine is capable of grinding crankshaft end diameters, faces or tapers.


The design of the machine includes new FEA methods to develop unique bed and foundation design. The existing 6400 CNC machine control system was enhanced to allow the simultaneous application of up to 40 servo axes. New methods of supporting and locating the crankshaft together with unique grinding processes allowed finished part roundness results of less than 0,002mm on a 300mm diameter main bearing or crank pin. Both soft and hardened steel cranks have been ground. Hardened steel cranks include sidewalls & fillet radii.





Machine size : Currently 4,500mm / 6,500mm / 8,000mm options

Grinding Wheel size : Up to 1,600mm diameter grinding wheel

Crankpins & Journals up to 350 mm Diameter

Throw - up to 250mm / Swing up to 850mm

Landis system CNC control

Crankshafts up to 8 metres in length and 8,500Kg in weight





CNC Orbital Grinding technology

In-process gauging

CNC Hydrostatic wheelhead

Wheel spindle & crankheads

Linear motor technology

Up to 40 servo axes supported

Electronically synchronized crankheads




For more information about the LT3 machine range,

please contact Cinetic Landis Ltd. at:

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