Looking for an international career?

With close to 8,000 employees of 50 different nationalities, Fives has 80 companies in thirty countries. Thanks to our presence in six continents and a significant share of our sales  generated from exports, we are truly able to offer our employees an international career, should they wish one.  All our employees - whether as Sales engineers, Commissioning engineers, Project Managers, Site managers or working in support departments - are given the possibility to pursue an international career and to work in a multicultural context.

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JP Picard de muller 2 125 200-FIVES Fives Group

Based in South China in Canton, as part of an expatriation program, I manage a multicultural team and travel around this large country on a regular basis in order to meet our Chinese clients in the automotive industry. The aim is to create and maintain local ties, which are absolutely key to medium- and long-term cooperation in our activity.
These business trips are incredibly rewarding: they allow me to continually discover new aspects of the Chinese culture and to meet and learn from people with very different working methods and visions from those in the West.
These experiences continually feed my curiosity and challenge my open-mindedness and ability to adapt.

Jean Philippe
Head of the Business Unit in China - Filling | Sealing
avatar 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

I visit our customers’ construction sites on a regular basis, in order to provide support to the managers of the Design Engineering Department and to assist them with implementing designs and drawings. These visits also help me understand the realities of working on site and help me to integrate these issues at the design stage. In addition to discovering different cultures, these trips provide opportunities to create rewarding and responsive relationships with site teams. It also means that we can deal with issues directly and resolve problems in situ."

Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer Project Designer - Sugar | Bioenergy
fives debra careers-FIVES Fives Group

Over the course of my career as an engineer, I have had the opportunity to travel internationally for a number of projects. The purpose of these trips has been as varied as the destinations.
All of these journeys have resulted in gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the myriad of cultures and ways of thinking that exist throughout the world. The key to being effective in all situations is to have the flexibility to adjust one’s thinking and habits to the culture one is situated in while at the same time sharing of yourself. If you are fortunate to travel internationally, embrace the differences that exist in the world. By doing so, you will find out how much in common we all have. Be open to the experience and enjoy!”

Engineering Manager, Control – Metal Cutting | Composites
A19A7856 D-Avram 125 200-FIVES Fives Group

My job mainly consists in helping the Group’s companies to find funding for our export contracts and setting up secure payment methods. I travel extensively to meet our customers and identify their needs; I also meet financial partners and take part in contractual negotiations.
With each new country and each new person I meet, I am faced with new ways of working and dealing with contract-related issues. I have to listen and adapt. I love learning about new ways of working. For me, working overseas guarantees that my professional life is constantly changing and always motivating."

Deputy Director International Development - Group's Head office
fives flavio careers-FIVES Fives Group

For my job, it is normal to travel and stay a long period directly in costumer’s site. Over this, experience accumulated is very important for work and also for myself.
For a Site Manager, a new trip means a new job experience with different people, different mentalities and different ideas and, of course, different problems to be solved. Out of the job, there are also many things to see. Despite the distance with my family, my job is rewarding.”

Site Manager – Intralogistics
LionelGoiset 125 200-FIVES Fives Group

In the steel sector, we have projects in all four corners of the globe. My job consists in commissioning equipment designed by our engineers and designers. USA, Turkey, France, China, etc. my trips take me all over and can last from between 1 month and 2 years. I travel with my family and return to France every 6 months.
Sharing problems and successes with our customers and partners is very motivating. Discovering different cultures and traditions is also extremely rewarding. These business trips have also strongly influenced my private life: my wife is Chinese, my eldest son was born in Belgium and the youngest on the American continent. It’s true that we are constantly moving, changing schools, managing visas, etc. but we are enjoying the adventure!"

On-site Commissioning Supervisor - Steel
 56O6850 P-Mercier 125 200-FIVES Fives Group

In my role as Group HSE Coordinator, which is very hands-on, I must be visible in all Fives business sectors. I visit all our workshops and construction sites supervised by the Group in the world to conduct HSE audits, attend meetings and deliver training. Being in the field is key to finding the right solutions to companies’ problems.
These numerous visits have allowed me to discover all of Fives’ technologies, whether it’s in our production and assembly workshops or on our customers’ sites. It has also given me a cross-cutting vision of the Group’s activities. However, the most interesting aspect of these trips for me is discovering different cultures and meeting people with different ways of life and philosophies. It has opened my eyes to the wider world and given me a different view of my life in the West. It has also helped me to not overreact to specific situations that take place in our workshops or on sites and to be able to come up with responses that are best adapted to the local context."

HSE Group Coordinator - Group's Head office
fives matt careers-FIVES Fives Group

I enjoy seeing the world and experiencing new cultures. It is rewarding to be able to gain firsthand experience working with Fives customers and learning/understanding new trends in technology and requirements of the industry.”

Project manager
fives benjamin careers-FIVES Fives Group

The function of Project Manager implies having a special relationship with our customers. That means personal contacts that can only be developed by travelling. Since the launch of the project, travel has been an integral part of the job, whether to present technical solutions or for periodic progress reviews, all carried out at the customer’s premises, not to mention taking delivery of machines and equipment in a third country to finish off with their installation in the host country.
Whether as an expatriate alone or with the family, or a one day return trip or a short stay of one year, travel has always added excitement to my daily existence, to my professional and personal achievements and my relationships. Travel is a great teacher, because it makes it necessary to continuously adapt to new environments, it helps to develop open mindedness and opens the eyes to other and better ways of doing things “over there”. Finally, it is a growing source of cultural enrichment and a driver of motivation!”

Project Manager – Automation