Diversity – at the heart of Fives’ success

At the heart of Fives, its activities and its teams, Diversity is the essence  that corresponds to the Group's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. All of our HR procedures aim to promote equality of Men/Women, promote multi-cultural diversity, fairness and equal opportunity. This aspect of our three-dimensional human resources policy is an asset to expand our range of skills, identify where talented candidates are and be attractive in the entire world.


Real commitments

  • Promoting diversity via non-discrimination training sessions attended systematically by all managers.
  • Equal opportunity is a key principle of the HR policy, which is seen as furthering social equality and economic effectiveness.
  • Commitments to young and senior employees via our knowledge transmission policies.
  • Raising awareness of disabilities in all our companies worldwide.
  • Evaluation processes based only on skills (recruitment, annual appraisal reviews, etc.).


Edye, 55 years old, Production Manager

fives edye careers-FIVES Fives Group

I started at one of the Fives companies specializing in Combustion as a draftsman in the Mechanical Systems Business Group twenty years ago. After five years, I moved to the Research and Development Lab as a technician. Since 2000, I have been Product Manager for almost every burner we currently manufacture.
Fives has provided opportunities for me to pursue my diverse interests and abilities within the field of manufacturing. As my career path indicates, I have held a variety of positions with more opportunities available in the future. At Fives, I am viewed as an engineer who happens to be a woman rather than a woman engineer. This has allowed me to earn the respect of my peers based on my abilities, leading to personal and professional growth. The highlight of this has been inclusion on the team submitting for the Fives Innovation Award for my work with the GLE 100-5. The Group has also been supportive of my involvement with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers as an International Director. For this I was honored to receive a STEP Award, honoring women in manufacturing."

Albert, 28 years old, Apprentice - Run-Off technician

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I am in the third year of my four year apprenticeship program. Once I have completed the program I will have a strong knowledge base related to the products we produce and the customer applications served.
I sustained an injury while serving in the military and am classified as a disabled veteran. As a graduated apprentice, earning an Associate Degree in Manufacturing Technology and completing 8,000 hours of on-the-job training, I will have a solid foundation in manufacturing processes and will have gained a thorough overview of our business. I look forward to completing the Apprenticeship program and feel there are many opportunities available to me for continued growth within the company.”

Rashi, 23 years old, Graduate Engineering Trainee

fives rashi careers-FIVES Fives Group

Fives Group has always been one the fastest growing company in terms of technology and growth all over the world. I consider myself really privileged to grow with a group like this at such an initial stage of my career. I would endeavor to avail this opportunity to be a part of an organization of such value. I proudly carry my association with the company.
Working with the seniors who have their own field of expertise motivates me towards perfection . I am open to all areas of technology apart from mine and encouraged for doing my job with creativity, zeal and enthusiasm which makes it interesting. Moreover I am supported not only professionally but also on the personal front as a member of the team. "

Matthieu, 26 years old, Sales Engineer – South East Asia - Bangkok

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After I graduated as an engineer, I wanted to volunteer for an internship overseas and, if possible, in South East Asia in the energy domain. I also wanted an opportunity to hone my technical and interpersonal skills.
I applied for a Preliminary Project Engineer - Sugar | Bio Energy post via the Civiweb website. I hadn’t heard about the company but the job description ticked all the right boxes.
After the recruitment process, I started my training at the company’s headquarters in Lille, and soon after I was sent to Thailand to replace the Sales Engineer. It has now been over a year and a half that I have been promoting Cail & Fletcher equipment in the region with the help of different local partners and technical assistance from the headquarters in Lille.
Being the only Fives Cail representative in South East Asia, contact with my colleagues is mainly via daily telephone calls. But I really appreciate the confidence that they have demonstrated in me by entrusting me with such an important job. I think this is a sign of successful integration."

Santabhanu, 62 years old, Senior Executive Director

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I started working with Fives in 1981 through an Indian Collaborating company for Aluminium and Steel Reheating furnaces. I worked as Design Engineer for Electrical & Automation and as Commissioning Engineer for both Aluminium & Steel reheating furnaces. I also worked as Contract Manager for Glass Annealing Lehr project and thereafter I worked for Business Development of Steel, Aluminium & Glass furnaces.
With my vast experiences in almost all activities of Engineering projects coupled with an in-depth knowledge of thermal processes, I am guiding the Contract Managers and other Process Engineers for solving their execution problems and, on the other hand, I am continuing to Develop business in India for several companies of the Fives Group within the Steel, Chemtec and Induction specialties. "

Adeline, 33 years old, Design Engineer

SIMON A 150 200-FIVES Fives Group

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from INSA Rennes, promotion 2005, I joined Fives at the end of 2005, as a Design Engineer and passed my final engineering exams two years later; I still hold the same position today.
My introduction into the Design Department went very smoothly. I am the only female technician in the department but that has not been an issue. My male colleagues are really friendly, protective and considerate. Our Western customers react similarly and are often pleased to meet a female technician. “What a nice change!” they say. Our Asian customers are already used to working with women.
It is only when you work in a male-dominated area that you realize that being a woman has certain advantages. My femininity and my smile have helped me in many situations. I try to bring friendliness, charm and good humor to the competitive masculine world."

David, 57 years old, Production Supervisor

fives david w careers-FIVES Fives Group

I began my employment with Fives in 1987 as a Vertical Machining Center Operator. In 1998, I accepted a position as a Machining Applications Specialist and was later promoted to Sr. Machining Applications Specialist. It was in this position that I gained a great deal of experience in processing a wide array of medium and large size parts in both milling and turning. I held that role until 2012 when I took my current position as Production Supervisor.
I believe my willingness to accept new challenges along with my many years of experience have helped me become a valuable asset to our organization. It gives me a good deal of satisfaction to know that my work is respected by my coworkers, and to know that my manager puts his trust in me to successfully uphold my responsibilities."

Sylvain, 25 years old, R&D Engineer

Sylvain-Lemiere 150 200-FIVES Fives Group

In 2011, I did my six-month final-year internship in the R&D department of one of Fives’ Steel companies. At the end of the internship, I was hired for one year (on a temporary employment contract) and then was given a permanent employment contract in September 2012 as a Development engineer. When I first joined the company, I worked on various rolling mill development projects as well as monitoring patents. Over time, I was trained in structural analysis using finite elements and in dimensioning calculation for preliminary projects. Today, I divide my time between calculation and R&D projects.
My integration into the company was rapid and effective: my six-month internship in the company was a great help. Overall, I became a Fives employees without encountering any real problems."

Laura, 25 years old, QHSE Officer

 MG 6782 L-Andre Recad 150 200-FIVES Fives Group

In 2011, I joined Fives as an Apprentice QHSE Engineer. The Maintenance company accepted my work-study proposal for the last year of my Masters program.
The Group provided me with the right environment to acquire the experience I needed, as well as a supervisor to help me with my new responsibilities.
The climate of confidence and the clearly defined requirements have greatly facilitated my personal involvement and motivation in the Group in a reassuring contractual framework.
As soon as I arrived I was treated a ‘real’ employee. The acknowledgment I received for my work keeps me motivated and pushes me to give my best: it is an open invitation to take part in all the challenges the Group has to offer."

Laurie, 47 years old, Executive Assistant

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I began working for Fives three years ago. My position includes a wide variety of duties that keep my job interesting and fulfilling. I work with a great group of people and always feel appreciated and valued.
Not only does Fives provide many opportunities to explore and expand for everyone, the Group shows eagerness to let people grow and the assistance to do so. Fives cares about all of their employees, their goals and their future."

Sébastien, 39 years old, Designer

PIETERS S 150 200-FIVES Fives Group

After completing an adult-education training course following a work accident, in January 2011, I joined one of Fives’ companies specializing in Steel as a designer. After a few months, I joined the R&D department to work on developing new products and improving existing products.
From day one, my workstation was adapted thanks to the purchase of special equipment (3D mouse, etc.) and re-arranging my workstation (angled desk, adjustable chair). These adjustments meant that nobody knew that I had a disability. In fact, many of my colleagues didn’t even notice that I had any difficulties using my right arm for several months."

Amal Kumar, 53 years old, Head of Quality & Control

fives amal kumar careers-FIVES Fives Group

I feel proud to belong to Fives in India for the last seven years. Working with Fives helps me to enrich my technical knowledge to a different level and also added an extra feather to my 31 years career in Quality Control and Inspection.
At the head of quality Control Department, I have been able to put my skills in establishing quality policies and to share my knowledge and experience with young engineers who will lead and accelerate the growth of Fives in the future."

Christophe, 53 years old, Quality Control Inspector


Aged 50, I joined one of Fives’ Aluminum specialty companies as a Quality Control Inspector. My job consists in visiting suppliers to check the compliance of the equipment we have purchased. Most of my inspections are in France and Europe but each year I undertake two international missions; I have been to India, the USA, Canada, Mexico and several countries in the Arabian Gulf.
I was warmly welcomed and soon settled in thanks to the introduction process. My colleagues were very professional and happy to talk about their work. I was particularly impressed by the way the team worked – everyone contributes based on their specialized skills and knowledge. I think that having shared objectives and striving for customer satisfaction by coming up with the best possible project is absolutely key."

Zach, 27 years old, Sales Engineer

fives zach careers-FIVES Fives Group

I joined Fives in 2011 as a combustion engineer in the Research and Development department. After working on various development projects and providing technical support for our field sales team, I transitioned to a position in field sales. I now enjoy working with clients to develop value-added combustion solutions for their processes and expect to continue to increase my effectiveness in this role. I am excited to be a part of the Fives Group and look forward to contributing to our advancement as a company.
Our field sales team consists of combustion specialists from various backgrounds who possess many years of experience in their respective fields. Our home office also maintains an experienced and highly capable engineering group that supports field sales in a variety of capacities. As a company, we serve many industries and processes and I am thankful to have such a knowledgeable and diverse support group."

Paola, 50 years old, Project Department Assistant

fives paola careers-FIVES Fives Group

I started working in the company with secretarial duties supporting the General Manager’s assistant. Over the years, my duties have evolved from simple secretarial tasks to assistant of the Project Department with particular involvement in the drawing up of the safety documentation related to works on sites. I feel well integrated in the company and I enjoy my work environment in which I established a good relashionship with my colleagues."

Pascal, 59 years old, Preliminary Project Engineer

fives pascal careers-FIVES Fives Group

In September 1979, I joined Fives and started my career in the Design Department of a company specializing in Automation as a small project designer; at the same time I was studying at CNAM. In 1992, I became an executive in the Design Department, where I managed several projects. In 2001, I was transferred to the Preliminary Projects department where I still work today.
Following the diagnosis of a serious illness, I was able to keep my job in the department without too many adjustments but since April 2013, following the advice of the occupational doctor, I have been given a teleworking contract, which means that I can work from home three days a week. The other days are spent in the office with my colleagues. The IT and telephone resources I have been given mean that I can work from home while keeping in contact with colleagues and clients."

Rémi, 24 years old, Business Development Manager Mexico

PUJOL R 150 200-FIVES Fives Group

I joined Fives in February 2013, as a volunteer for an internship overseas. My mission is working in the Mexican aerospace market to find potential customers on behalf of three Fives companies. I am based in Mexico and travel regularly to meet potential customers.
I really appreciate the trust, freedom and responsibility that my managers have given me despite my young age. At the end of my internship, I would like to continue working in the Fives Group. Its values, the variety of its activities and its international dimension would ensure very interesting career prospects for me."

Luigi, 57 years old, Electrical Project Engineer

fives luigi careers-FIVES Fives Group

I have been working in the Group since 1980. I worked as electrical installer, then as a maintenance technician at the Milan Postal facility. After about 5 years, I've changed my role becoming an electrical engineer. I still do this job even if I do not perform directly the electrical drawing (as before). Now I coordinate and supervise the design carried out by other colleagues.
The experience gained over so many years of work allows me to address and resolve the issues that are often recurrent in my work.
My experience is well integrated and used at Fives, it is always available to all colleagues.
I am convinced that in a team, the experience integrated with the knowledge of new colleagues allows Fives to successfully face the new challenges that the market offers us every day."

Lyne, 49 years old, Finance Director

fives lynn careers - Copie-FIVES Fives Group

I participated in a co-operative education program with the company while in college, and joined on a full time basis in 1985 after earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I have progressed through the accounting function to my current role as Finance Director for one of the Metal Cutting | Composites specialty companies.
During my career I have been fortunate to have progressed to a senior staff level in a highly technical, engineering-driven company. Our team has successfully faced challenges related to the economy and global expansion of our business. I have gone through acquisitions and learned a great deal in the process. I have enjoyed working with talented colleagues from various disciplines, and I am very proud that I have had the opportunity to mentor many of those colleagues during my career."

Tapas Kumar, 47 years old, Design Manager

fives tapas kumar careers-FIVES Fives Group

I have been working with Design & Engineering department in Fives since 1994. Beyond design work, I have privileged to work actively at site to supervise reheating furnace erection & commissioning. Presently I am managing refractory design with sole responsibility for all reheating furnace project.
Having more than 23 years of experience in reheating furnace as well as aluminium melting holding furnace and glass annealing LEHR, I feel privileged to contribute greatly in design as well as guiding site installation work, to pursue versatility between design & site installation work."

Kathy, With the Group for 10 years, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

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I was hired directly as VP & CFO for a company specializing in Combustion in the USA. I am responsible for Accounting/Finance, Treasury and Information Systems/Information Technology
During my career I have held positions in public accounting (CPA), corporate planning and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, treasury, new business startups, turnarounds and international accounting for a variety of industries. At Fives, I have attempted to leverage this experience by creating an organization whose mission is to provide the best possible reporting, controls, accounting support and systems for our internal organization and for external customers. This philosophy has fostered a much closer relationship within and between departments, senior management, and across our entities. It has also raised our productivity through better systems and tools with increased visibility to critical data for decision making. We continue to drive on-going initiatives that focus on systemic and individual employee growth, building on our track record for the past several years. "

Christopher, 33 years old, Mechanical Designer

fives christopher careers-FIVES Fives Group

I have been working with Fives since 2011 as a Mechanical Designer in the field of Surface Treatment. I have been incorporated into a team a designers and engineers who are more than willing to share their experience and knowledge This has helped me strive to improve the design of our product line. The support and experience I have received with the company has encouraged me to further my education and pursue advancing my position within the company."

Sebastien, 29 years old, Process Design Engineer

fives sebastien careers-FIVES Fives Group

I joined one of the Steel business line companies as an apprentice, for the work experience element of the second year of my university diploma in technology (DUT). After a year of working with the company, I was awarded my diploma and went straight on to complete my training as an engineer, again through professional apprenticeship in partnership with Fives.
When I qualified, I was lucky enough to carry on the adventure with Fives, signing a permanent contract as a Control/automation engineer in September 2009. I began my career in the Steel business line, then, after two years, moved into Glass.
With a little hindsight, I can say that the apprenticeship gave me an introduction both to the world of business and at the same time to the position I currently occupy. The experience helped me hone my professional skills and above all eased the transition from a more academic environment to a purely professional one. As I see it, this is the major advantage of this sort of training, and to have been able to share it with Fives has only strengthened my wish to continue on my journey with the company; the missions I was given during the different periods of my apprenticeship were very varied, each one more interesting than the last."

Dwijendranath, 37 years old, Design (RHF)