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Fives’ aim is to be a benchmark player in the design and development of the plant of the future. As a partner to the industry in general, with a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, Fives focuses on the customer - first and foremost. The group offers innovative, effective and differentiating technologies that meet its customers' requirements and anticipate demand and emerging trends in the markets.
Fives believes that innovation is an ongoing lever for growth. It enables Fives to constantly design and supply machines, process equipment and production lines with improvements or technological breakthroughs incorporating criteria of quality, safety, environmental performance, automation and process intelligence.

Jean-Camille Uring
Member of the Executive board

Focus on innovative products

1990 BroyeurHoromil B-FIVES Fives Group

The FCB Horomill® is a breakthrough technology in bed compression grinding that enables producers to improve their grinding plant operations significantly.

Focus on environmental performance

Focus on the plant of the future

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Focus on the smart plant