Corporate governance bodies

Fives is headed by an Executive Board overseen by the Supervisory Board. 

The Supervisory Board

Fives' Supervisory Board counts 6 independent members who can share their industrial experience with the Executive Board:

  • Philippe Reichstul (President and Member)
  • Jacques Lefèvre (Honorary President and Member)
  • Lise Fauconnier (Vice President and Member)
  • Dominique Gaillard (Member)
  • Jean-Georges Malcor (Member)
  • Antonio Marcegaglia (Member)

The Executive Board

The Executive Board currently has four members and is responsible for the management of the company. Each member of the Executive Board is also responsible for supervising one or more of the Group’s Operational Divisions and one or several Functional Fives Departments.

F-Sanchez-FIVES Fives Group

Frédéric Sanchez

Chairman of the Executive Board

L Ribot 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Lucile Ribot

Member of the Executive Board / Chief Financial Officer

M Duverne 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Martin Duverne

Member of the Executive Board

JC Uring 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Jean-Camille Uring

Member of the Executive Board

The Executive Committee

The Executive Board has introduced an Executive Committee who provides it with support for decision-making. Its members include the Group’s key operational and functional managers. Responsible for counseling, recommendations and implementation, the Executive Committee meets to deliberate on various issues, and to support the Executive Board in reaching the decisions for which the Committee is competent. It also examines improvement proposals pointed by the Steering and Coordination committees. The Executive Committee’s tasks include coordinating and monitoring the implementation of Group policies.

Executive Committee members:

D Brunelli-FIVES Fives Group

Daniel Brunelli-Brondex

Country Director for India

A Cordonnier 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Alain Cordonnier

Head of the Cement Division

B Caratge 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Benoît Caratgé

Head of the Steel/Glass Division

M Dancette 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Michel Dancette

Innovation & Corporate Foresight Director

Fives bruno carbonaro-FIVES Fives Group

Bruno Carbonaro

Manufacturing Technologies Director

S Dulude-FIVES Fives Group

Sylvain Dulude

Head of the North American Region

JM Caroff 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Jean-Marie Caroff

Head of International Development

JP Sauteraud 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Jean-Paul Sauteraud

Group General Counsel

M Shan 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Michelle X.Y Shan

Country Director for China

P Viallon 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Paule Viallon

Head of Group Human Resources

H Vincent 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Hugues Vincent

head of the Aluminium Division

Country Directors

He/She acts simultaneously as a leader, coordinator and representative for Group initiatives at the national level. He/She also manages Fives’ relationships with local stakeholders, and coordinates the relationship between these stakeholders and national Group companies.

D Brunelli-FIVES Fives Group

Daniel Brunelli-Brondex

Country Director for India

S Dulude-FIVES Fives Group

Sylvain Dulude

Country Director for North-America

Frédéric RENAUD -FIVES Fives Group

Frédéric Renaud

Country Director Italy

M Shan 150x200-FIVES Fives Group

Michelle X.Y Shan

Country Director for China

Fives' governance has adapted to the growth of the Group without compromising its essential structure of individual entities - promoting team responsibility and motivation. Operating as think tanks, consultative bodies and management information channels, a series of cross-functional committees support the work of the Executive Committee and its contribution to Executive Board decision-making.

The Steering Committee

The Executive Board launches a series of regional Steering Committees whose prime purpose is to act as a creative melting pot for the Group. In each major region, their membership includes Group company CEOs and functional department leaders from  headquarter and/or the specified region. Fostering regional cross-disciplinary work, they ensure that the Group’s management teams fully grasp the operational needs. Introduced in 2012 in France, North America and China, similar committees will be created in the long-run, in other countries.

The Coordination Committee

The Executive Board has launched the Coordination Committee with the intention of boosting cross-functional interaction. This new body will specifically help to:

  • provide overall development support and assistance to Group companies,
  • act as a channel for informal communications,
  • ensure consistency between the policies and the recommended measures.