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In 2011, Fives Cail successfully commissioned 9 CVPs (Continuous Vacuum Pans) ranging from 44 m3 to 280 m3.
Three major orders have reinforced Fives Cail's presence in Asia thanks to the recent implementation of:
  • • A, B and C CVPs, Vertical Crystallisers & Reheaters at the Danchang sugar factory for Mitr Phol in Thailand,
  • • C CVP for Nongkeng in China and
  • • C CVP for Ursumco in the Philippines.
Danchang (Thailand)
A, B, C CVPs Danchang (Thailand)
C CVP's Ursumco (Philipines)
C CVP Ursumco (Philippines)

Fives Cail Continuous Vacuum Pan technology with vertical tubes or horizontal tubes is increasingly chosen for factory investment plans for the energy efficiency benefits it provides as well as for its unrivalled performance and easy maintenance.

Most Fives Cail CVPs are implemented with an automation system which enables customers to optimize their process operations and to ensure their investments  are a long-term success.

Fives Cail CVPs have relatively low installation costs and exceed conventional performance, in terms of high level exhaustion, crystal quality and energy efficiency. They are easy to operate, reliable and require minimal maintenance.