Mélangeurs verticaux 

Stirrers are used for mechanical mixing of molten glass in the forehearth.

They can be installed on new or existing forehearths and used for:

Chemical Homogeneity 
Stirrers can be used to significantly reduce “cat scratches” caused by contamination of molten glass by furnace refractory material. Being heavier than a regular molten glass, the contaminated part flows along the forehearth bottom towards the spout. The stirring equipment is able to lift the contaminated material from the bottom and mix it with the bulk molten glass so that visible defects on finished products are minimised.
Thermal Homogeneity
High temperature gradients through the molten glass stream can be greatly reduced with the use of stirrer mechanisms. The improved thermal homogeneity will then aid in better gob formation, loading and product quality.
Colorant forehearths
The stirring system blends the melted colour into the molten glass resulting in a homogeneously coloured glass (several banks of stirrers are employed according to tonnage requirement).
Stirring System
The stirring system consists of:
Refractory stirrers (Helical or paddle type depending upon application).
Bank of Stirrers with chucks in graphite bearings with drive sprockets and heat shields.
Variable speed electric motor with stirrer bank drive chain.
Stirrer bank lifting mechanism with winch.
Stirrer bank support frame and superstructure.
Technical parameters
Available to suit all widths and depths of forehearth channel. Each bank consists of 2 or more stirrers depending on the forehearth width and application. Suitable for new or existing forehearths, with appropriate forehearth superstructure changes. Low maintenance system with simple high strength chain drive and self-lubricating carbon bearings, which do not normally require cooling air. Variable speed and revisable drive (2-30 rpm) via a single ac motor and IP66 (NEMA4.4X) frequency inverter (1.2kW). Support steelwork specifically designed for each application, enables the stirrer equipment (700kg, 1500lbs) to be lifted and moved along side the forehearth for any changing of refractory stirrers and for maintenance.
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