Bassins de travail série 400 & 4000 

Designed for efficiency and performance
400 and 4000 Series Forehearths and Working Ends provide an integrated glass conditioning system, and mark a real technological advance. Excellent standards of temperature control and insulation provide improved glass temperature stability and, by quickly adjusting the working temperatures of the glass the system allows for faster job changes.
Prior to design, complex physical and mathematical modelling is carried out to ensure optimum standards of performance. A specially designed program is used to analyse the range of production parameters, enabling the most suitable insulation strategy to be devised and ensuring heat losses and temperature profiles are carefully controlled.

The Working End can be designed and built to suit most furnace and line layouts and offers a number of advantages over traditional systems.
Rather than acting as a simple glass reservoir, the Working End is a distribution system that conditions and controls the glass at the earliest stage of the process. The BH-F system is simple and easy to install, convenient for access and produces lower ambient temperatures. It can accommodate various types of furnace throat and its cooling and combustion systems can be readily incorporated into existing furnace control equipment. The Working End can be designed to distribute glass to any number of Forehearths over a range of tonnage pulls. Dead corners are designed out and flow paths streamlined, preventing dead glass areas that can cause quality problems.

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