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Fives Stein Limited is a leading supplier in high-quality glass melting and conditioning for all types of glass, from large volume container production to small output hand-made lead crystal. Having supplied many electric melters, boost systems, working ends and over 1,000 forehearths, the company is able to tailor its equipment to best match production requirements whilst remaining within the many space constraints that are imposed.

Our parent company, Fives Stein, stands as the major engineering and hot end equipment specialist supplier of the new glassmakers and has already successfully delivered Hot Ends for 20 float glass plants worldwide.




The company is the merger of BH-F (Engineering) Ltd and Penelectro Ltd. 

BH-F was founded in 1917 with the introduction to Britain of the first modern glass feeder. By the end of the 1970’s BH-F had strategically positioned itself as a specialist in the supply of equipment for glass conditioning and gob forming.  The 900 series feeder was joined by 400 series forehearth, which quickly became the flagship of the company, and then the 400 series working end. By the end of the 1980’s 400 series forehearths were in use with the majority of the major glass manufacturers worldwide.  BH-F has continued to develop its expertise in this field and, using the best available technology, has been able to enhance the process still further.  Recent introductions have been 1000 series feeder cascade spout , 4000 series working ends and forehearths  and oxy-gas firing.



The name Penelectro was first established in the late 1950s and re-established as an independent company in 1993 as a specialist supplier of electric melting technology.  Penelectro became part of the Fives Group in 1999 and since then has benefited from it access to Group resources to expand its product range and market scope.  Penelectro still focuses on melting systems  in the supply of all-electric, mixed fuel, regenerative and recuperative furnaces, plus ancillaries equipment.  Penelectro has been particularly successful in the development of furnaces for borosilicate and neutral glasses, and high quality soda-lime, and in larger specialist boosting systems for E-glass and ECR-glass fibre production.  Such technologies are now also integrated with others such as oxy-fuel firing to realise optimum over-all performance.




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