Fives Stein in Spain 

Fives Stein Bilbao SA: the specialist in the furnaces for reheating and heat treatment focused on long products.


Fives Stein Bilbao SA is an engineering company with more than 80 years of experience dedicated to the design and supply of industrial furnaces, and thermal equipment.


Today it is the company in Fives Stein in charged of long product reheating furnaces, forging and heat treatment furnaces, coil coating lines for the steel industry, and car furnaces for the first and second baking of graphite electrodes.


For the Spanish market we are also in charged of the others products of Fives Stein: flat product reheating furnaces and  process lines (annealing, galvanizing, combined) for steel industry, as well as melting furnaces and annealing lehrs for glass.


Depending on the clients needs, Fives Stein Bilbao SA can supply separately the engineering, the equipments, the erection or the commissioning, although thanks to our teams experience and professionalism we can also supply turnkey projects that include not only the furnace but also other auxiliary equipment such as water treatment plants or mechanical equipment like charging tables, etc.
On top of that, Fives Stein Bilbao SA has also a vast experience in modifications, expertises, and training.


Our achievements are especially remarkable in the development of important new projects and revamping those already performed within extremely short times, avoiding long shut-downs and loss of production. Fives Stein Bilbao SA is provided with a record for the erection and production start up of a new furnace (including the dismantling of the old furnace) in only 28 days.


During the development of their equipment Fives Stein Bilbao SA has achieved some other records such as for the quickest furnace, 28 seconds between the consecutive discharging of two billets, or the first Beam Blank furnace with lateral charging and discharging, 250 t/h capacity.


We can also guarantee that the performance of our equipments is the best available in the market, as well as the durability of the equipment.

We work together with other companies of the group in order to contribute with innovative solutions. As an example, the new type of CCL with induction heating, developed with Fives Celes and Fives Stein, to extend an existing CGL to a combined line. The induction heating reduced the time required for paint curing, giving our customer the possibility to provide their market higher added value coils with less investment cost.


Fives Stein Bilbao SA was founded in 1921 under the name of Combustión Racional, producing and supplying combustion equipment. In 1934 it obtains the licence from Stein and starts designing furnaces, its name changes to Hornos y Aparatos Térmicos

Since then and in the same way as our headquarters, our Company has modified its name in different occasions: in 1961 Stein et Roubaix Española, In 1984 Stein Hornos S.A., in 2003 Stein Heurtey Bilbao and finally in 2008 Fives Stein Bilbao S.A.

Contact :

Fives Stein Bilbao SA
Plaza Del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús 4 sub. 2
48011 Bilbao
Tel: + 34(0)94 439 5100
Fax: +34(0)94 427 3829


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