On 1 December 2007, FCB Ciment becomes Fives FCB, a subsidiary of the Fives group specialized for the cement industry.
To be closer to its dedicated market, FCB.Ciment is created in July 2000 from the human resources of the former Cement Division of FCB.

FCB.Ciment is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Compagnie de Fives Lille, an industrial engineering group of international scope supplying process equipment mainly to the automotive, aluminum, steel and cement industries.
Three companies in the group are dedicated to the cement market : PILLARD, market leader for clean combustion in rotary kilns or for drying, SOLIOS ENVIRONNEMENT Inc. (Montreal), supplier of equipment for dust removal and treatment of gaseous emissions, and FCB.Ciment, supplier of complete plants and equipment to the cement and mineral processing industries.


After its merge in 1973 with Babcock-Atlantique, the new company Fives-Cail Babcock (FCB) takes over Venot-Pic, thus completing its resources and extending its range of products to the field of mining and mineral industries.  While developing its equipment for the dry process, the FCB Cement Division extends its experience of "turnkey" contractor by supplying complete 3,000-3,200 tpd cement plants in Libya, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt…


In order to offer to the cement industry a complete range of equipment, Fives Lille-Cail acquires a majority stake in the company Appareils Dragon, specialized in the field of building materials preparation. Narrow connection between the two companies was already established as the Cail workshops in Denain (France) were manufacturing since 1954 the big size Dragon crushers.
Thanks to the experience acquired in France by supplying complete cement plants, CFL can penetrate the international market and quickly meet success with significant orders such as the supply to Obourg cement plant (Belgium) of 4 kilns recorded at that time as the biggest by their size and capacity :
• 1 300 tpd (1953) : World record
• 1 500 tpd (1957) : World record
• 3 000 tpd (1967) : Europe Record and 2nd World record
• 3 300 tpd (1972) : Europe Record and 2nd World record
After its merge with Cail, the new company Fives Lille-Cail confirms its international scope through the contract in USSR for the construction at Atchinsk (Siberia) of the biggest cement plant in the world (5,700 tpd), as well as the order in 1957-1958 of 9 complete cement plants in Turkey, Iraq and Brazil.

FCB.ciment, whose origins go back to the beginning of 19th century, is the result of successive merges and taking-over started in 1933 by the acquisition by Compagnie de Fives-Lille (CFL) of the activities and products of Société des Etablissements Dalbouze & Brachet, a company established in Puteaux (France) and specialized in the supply of equipment for cement manufacturing.
This market will undergo quite a boom during the re-construction period following the 2nd World War.


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