1833: Maurice DE JONGH (born inAmsterdam in 1774, Engineer at Nicolas SCHLUMBERGER in Guebwiller), buys on July 11th from Jean Friess an eight hammer mill built by par Jean Yelsch in 1829 in an old ironworks named "Obere Hammerschmied".
The textile mill manufacturing woolen felt was located near to the canal along the Fives Celes workshop.


Lautenbach 19th century

Maurice DE JONGH and his sons modified the mill into a mechanical equipment workshop. They design news machineries for threads making and then manufacture themselves threads reels. In 1840 the factory employed 11 men (monthly salary from 1,40 to 3,00F), 48 women (monthly salary from 1,00 to 1,30F) and 17 children (monthly salary from 0,50 to 0,75F) and used 1 water mill, 2 forges, 45 looms, and 4 other mechanical equipment.


1846: The DE JONGH are authorized, by the December 22nd royal regulation, to increase the level of their hydraulic motor with the construction of a canal from the bridge between Lautenbach and Lautenbach-Zell to the workshop. This canal is today a key parameter of Fives Celes location as it provides the cooling water for Fives Celes high power tests.
In 1863 the mill has 102 workers (28 men, 52 women and 22 children.) and on the eve of the 1870 war the company has 186 workers.


1874: The factory is bought over by the company N.SCHLUMBERGER of Guebwiller and manufactures sewing threads until 1954.


1965: The buildings are sold to Marcel KLEIN,
Fives Celes and its products.


1967: The company is created under the name of CELES in Buhl in SEVYLOR facilities. The first aperiodic generators, still working, was designed and manufactured there by an engineer.


1972: With the growing success, CELES move to Lautenbach in the closed N. Schlumberger facility.


Aperiodic generator

1976: Heurtey Métallurgie, the aperiodic generator license provider, which will merge in 1980 with Stein-Combustion to create Stein-Heurtey takes a stake in CELES.


1982: CELES anticipates the technology revolution of the semi-conductors and delivers the 1st Thyristor Inverter CELES OND.


1987: CELES acquires ETFA a company specialized in the design of mechanical equipment and automation located in Belfort and then in Héricourt The Fives-Lille group acquires Stein-Heurtey and its subsidiaries among which CELES.


1989: CELES designs its first MOSFET inverter.
1990: CELES acquires STEFI, a company located in Saint-Ouen l'Aumône and specialized in the industrial cooling and quenching. A few years later Celes transfer the business to Lautenbach.


1996: CELES takes over ROUCHAUD GENDRON in the field of design and revamping of machines.
CELES markets its first IGBT inverters. This development will allow that of the OTIS family.

1998: The development of the Automotive Business Division CINETIC within the FIVES-LILLE Group allows the transfer of CELES subsidiaries ETFA and ROUCHAUD GENDRON to its mother company. CELES extend its facility with a new building dedicated to inductors, capacitors benches and cooling equipment manufacturing.
2003: CELES develops its high power MOSFET transistors bridge. I twill generate the CELES MP High Power product.


 Fives Celes Lautenbach

2007: CELES become a subsidiary of Stein Heurtey (Fives Stein) within Fives Lille Group, which became Fives and changes its name in Fives Celes.








December, 2007

CELES becomes Fives Celes and adopts the new visual identity of the Fives Group.



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