Center of competencies 

Fives Celes dedicates its Lautenbach competencies to innovative solutions in induction heating and industrial cooling.  The R&D budget is in the range of 5% of Fives Celes yearly turn-over.
Testing before order

Testing before order



Fives Celes provides its clients before project order with a complete program of services with advices and technical support for validation of the induction heating design and performance. Fives Celes platform for customer testing to perform some tests on samples is equipped with:



High or middle frequency inveters
A thermal treatment machine 
A quenching unit
A temperature monitoring station
A thermal camera.
A set of more than 1000 inductive in stock
FEA - Finite element analysis
Finite element simulation 
In the case the tests on samples are complex to organize, Fives Celes engineers have the ability to make some powerful simulations with specific FEA softwares dedicated to the electromagnetism (FLUX 2D and FLUX 3D)
Electronics laboratory

Electronical board

Fives Celes electronics laboratory is responsible for:
The development and the design of new power inverters
The replacement of components on the developed and installed power inverters
The CEM certification of the sources Fives Celes
The electronics laboratory designs Fives Celes inverters control boards and programs the controllers.
Design ans studies

Inductor design

The mechanical design office designs the inductors and the matching boxes and optimize the lay out in regards with the process to be implemented. In most cases, the shape and the measurements of an inductor must follow very precise rules to benefit from all potentialities of the generator and of capacitors placed upstream. The shape of the inductor has a very important influence on its efficiency, on its ability to transfer power to the product to heat, on the heating accuracy and on the heating homogeneity. 




The electric design office is in charge of the electrical integration of the equipment. It design the electrical diagrams and defines the proper data exchange modes. Its team makes all the PLC programming to answer to the application and design the MMI (Man-Machine-Interface)
The mechanical and electric design offices are equipped with the latest issues of Pro-engineer software for the mechanical design 3D, and of SEE 3000 for the electric diagrams.


Quality system

Fives Celes is ISO9001 version 2008

Logo ISO 9001
Fives Celes staff is qualified Gas of France (B540-9) for the brazing of the inductors that can according to their applications be in an ATEX zoning.
The stainless steel welders for the cooling equipment are qualified according to the EN287 norm.

All the delivered equipment have a CE marking in regards with electro-magnetic compatibility, low voltage regulation for the inverters PED - Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) for the refrigerating units.

Fives Celes started in 2007 a 5S program


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