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Founded in 1967 to industrialize and market a technical innovation in the form of a high and medium frequency aperiodic generator, Fives Celes has remained focused on the development of new energy sources. With more than 40 years of know-how, Fives Celes is known worldwide for his equipments for induction heating. With a full set of products, Fives Celes cover today the most of the application specter of induction heating, from power electronics to industrial cooling. With over 5000 installations of power supplies for induction heating, the subsidiary company of Fives’ group is the French leader of power sources for induction. 


Induction Heating


Fives Celes designs and manufactures:


High or medium frequency power sources for induction heating:

- MOS transistors inverters feeding a parallel circuit (CELES MP Product range)

- IGBT transistors inverters feeding a serie circuit (CELES IS Product range)

Fully automatic stations to heat parts by induction
Cooling industrial systems:

- Plate Recycling Group (CELES GR Product range)
- Refrigerating Unit (CELES GF Product range)
- Air Cooling groups (CELES GA Product range)

- Engineering of water cooling towers

- Quenching Groups (CELES GD Product range)
- Water or oil quenching tanks

- Propeller pumps for agitating applications

- High Turbulence cooling solutions (CELES BRA Product

range and associated tanks)

- Customized inductor coils made for various and complex



Fives Celes has always been preferred partner for laboratory and research centers and has developed for 10 years the first induction equipment to teach induction in schools called INDUCTION FC.


Over the years Fives Celes has become a worldwide leader in niche markets.

For example Fives Celes offers first class solutions in strip heating whereas the proposed equipment can be advantageously integrated by Fives Stein. Typical applications are:

Furnace boosting - strip drying - galvannealing - antifinger coating – paint curing - blueing - edge heating - transverse flux heating.


Thanks to its testing platform capacities,  Fives Celes  develops a partnership with its customer to provide them with the most performing induction heating solutions for the following applications:

Brazing, bonding, soldering, welding, annealing, melting, forging, hardening, shrink fitting, thread rolling, wire and cable heating, tube heating, tube welding, cap sealing, pre-heating before forming, graphitization furnaces semi-solid forming, heating under atmosphere, thixoforming, cold crucible melting, glass melting




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