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Fives Bronx has produced a range of end finishing machines all over the world that provide facing, deburring and end profiling for a wide range of seamless and welded tube mills. Fives Bronx focuses on providing the right machine and control system for each customer’s requirements and places an emphasis on both flexibility and design excellence. Not only can Fives Bronx pipe finishers operate in various modes, but Fives Bronx can also accommodate varying lengths, thicknesses and ranges.


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Pipe Finishing



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Flexibility. At Fives Bronx, we design our equipment based on a multitude of variables, including:

O.D. Variations — Can accommodate pipe and tube with O.D. ranges of less than 12 mm (0.5 inches) to over 660 mm (26 inches) and crop lengths from a facing cut to 1 meter (approximately 3 feet).

Operating Method — Can operate in various modes — fully automatic; automatic with manual pipe position override; semi-automatic; and manual.

Throughput requirements — Can improve productivity with multiple head facing machines, as well as customized material handling system.

Pipe Lengths — Can accommodate any length variation, as well as properly cut random lengths.

Wall Thickness — Can accommodate essentially any wall thickness required.


Design Excellence — Cut-Offs. Our rugged machines are specially adapted for cutting line pipe, casing, tubing, roller bearing and coupling stock. Each machine is capable of cutting a broad range of sizes, saving floor space, as well as eliminating the need for additional equipment:

Our design incorporates a rotating product and stationary tool cutting method.

Fives Bronx design includes operations previously performed by a typical end facing machine, thus satisfying the API line pipe finishing requirements on this machine alone.

Automatic ream and chamfer assembly, which can conform to the O.D. or I.D. of the pipe, or cut to a reference centerline.

Universal chuckling assembly, which handles a range of pipe diameters per tooling set.

Standard operating pipe chuckling assembly, which requires a tooling change for each size, has a built-in pipe tolerance of +/- 5.5 mm (0.2 inches) — the chuck opening is approximately 38 mm (1.5 inches) over the nominal pipe diameter.

Large main drive motors allow cutting with two tools, each with a wide carbide insert; providing long tool wear life at cutting speeds over 200 surface meters per minute (approximately 600 fpm).


Design Excellence — End Facing. While most end facing operations can be effectively accomplished with a single head machine, Fives Bronx recognized the need for improved productivity associated with high-speed cutting lines. Thus, we introduced a twin head-facing machine for those special applications.


Achieving Results

Based on our global installed base, Fives Bronx’s end finishing equipment delivers compelling solutions to the market by:


Enhanced Productivity

Set up time is reduced by incorporating remote, computer-driven automatic tool setting with hydraulic tool block clamps and powered diameter adjustments.

The machine is built on electronic elevating jack base for vertical adjustment to accommodate varying tube O.D.

Top opening pipe clamps and separate alignment stations reduce cycle time.

Fully automatic equipment operation provided by state-of-the-art Level 1 or Level 2 interface.

The machines utilize dry carbide cutting tools with surface cutting speeds of up to 200 meters per minute (approximately 600 fpm).


Application Flexibility

High-output, double-headed machine layouts, utilizing walking beam transfer can be custom designed for high-speed finishing lines.

Outside diameter chamfers can be tailored to the customer’s requirements via automation package.

Can offer various material handling alternatives.


Improved Quality

Superior machine stability due to the fixed-head center height design reduces tool chatter and vibration, thus improving surface finish.

The pipe is firmly held by hydraulic clamps to reduce tool vibration and provide outstanding surface finish.

Heavy duty design ensures long life and low maintenance even in arduous steel mill environments.



Crop manipulator robot to remove the heavy cut crop, with automatic deposit into a crushing press for compact scrap storage.

Crushing press for crush testing of ERW product.

Chip conveyor system with scrap chute and bucket.

Front and back stop gauges for cutting exact pipe lengths.




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