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 Provisional acceptance certificate for the complete UMM BAB line n°. 4 (5,000 tpd), in Qatar 


On 9 July 2009, following the achievement of industrial tests, Fives FCB obtained from QNCC the Provisional Acceptance Certificate of the complete Umm Bab line no.4, with a capacity of 5,000 tpd, thus allowing an annual production of 1.7 million tonnes of clinker in Qatar.


Only 17 months after the order was brought into effect, in April 2008, Fives FCB had obtained the provisional acceptance for the first cement grinding plant, and the second grinding plant had been started up in June 2008, 3 months ahead of the contractual schedule. The burning line had been commissioned in April 2009.


As a reminder, Qatar National Cement Company, a 45% state-owned company, had entrusted Fives FCB with this third turnkey contract on 15 November 2006, following those for the construction of Umm Bab lines 2 and 3 (2,000 tpd and 4,000 tpd).


The three Umm Bab production lines supplied by Fives FCB enable this cement plant to produce up to 15,000 tpd of cement (5 million tpy of cement), making it one of the largest and most modern cement plants in the Gulf region.


Umm Bab line 2
1995: Signature of the contract for the construction of a turnkey 2,000 tpd cement plant.
1998: Commissioning of the complete line.
Umm Bab line 3
2004: Signature of a contract for the turnkey supply of the new production line with a capacity of 4,000 tpd.
End of 2005: Early start up of the grinding plant in order to respond to the huge demand for cement on the Qatari market.
2006: Commissioning of the other workshops, including the burning line.
Umm Bab line 4
November 2006: Signature of a turnkey contract for the supply of a new production line with a capacity of 5,000 tpd.
April 2008: Provisional acceptance for the first grinding plant.
June 2008: Start-up of the second grinding plant.
April 2009: End of the industrial production tests for the burning line.
July 2009: Signature of the Provisional Acceptance Certificate.

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