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 New cold rolling mill speed record: Fives DMS achieves 1,200 m/min for TISCO 


Seclin, January 4, 2013 - This summer, Fives DMS commissioned a cold rolling mill for TISCO at its plant in Taiyuan (P.R. China) that was able to achieve a maximum speed of 1,200 meters per minute for cold rolling stainless steel. This pulverizes the previous world record, which stood at 1,000m/min.

Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co. (TISCO), a major Chinese steel producer with an annual 10 million ton production capacity, intended to increase its productivity through an audacious project: reaching a 133,000 ton per year production capacity with a mill capable to achieve perfect quality even at the absolute record speed of 1,200 m/min for cold rolling stainless steel. TISCO chose Fives DMS to help it push the limits of performance.

Combining high-speed and reliability to enhance performance

Upstream from the implementation project, the consistent collaboration between TISCO and Fives DMS allowed to first determine the most suited equipment to reach this objective, i.e. the 20 Hi Sendzimir Mill, for which Fives DMS positions itself as one of the world leaders.


With the 20 Hi cold rolling mill becoming operational, it set a new world record for a bright annealing product, reaching the speed of 1,200 m/min, without compromising on the quality of the coil’s surface and flatness.


The 20 Hi Sendzimir Mill supplied by Fives DMS for this project was specially designed for cold rolling bright annealed stainless steel at a maximum strip width of 1,650 mm and for a minimum thickness of 0.20 mm. As mostly thin strip will be rolled, Fives DMS teams recommended a ZR21AB mill housing type; its shape and the most precise adjustment of the backup rolls of the four axes are another key element to improve the flatness control.


Also, the Fives DMS newly designed and patented innovative oil wiper demonstrated outstanding performance. The new Fives DMS steel wiper system is specially designed for rolling at high speeds while ensuring the best strip surface and wiping performance, this is achieved by its patented double W rolls support and adjustment, which offers unequaled opportunities.
This also allows the coil to be perfectly straight wound with no damage or any markings from the wiper on the strip surface, even at maximum speed of 1,200 m/min.

A successful partnership

Mr. XieLi, Vice General Manager of TISCO, stated: “As a major world stainless steel producer, it is our intention to achieve the very best products through highly reliable equipment. Fives DMS’ teams always had an open ear to help us in reaching this objective, through their extensive technical knowledge and their ability to adapt to our special needs”.

Yannick Leprêtre, CEO of Fives DMS, said: “We are proud to accompany TISCO in enhancing the performance and productivity of its production tool. This shows the great flexibility of our offer, from providing single equipments to meeting the boldest challenges, always at the cutting-edge of technology.”

About Fives DMS

Fives DMS designs and manufactures a broad range of mechanical equipment for the production of steel, such as rolling mills. Through its know-how in engineering, Fives DMS is also renowned for its expertise as a production line integrator for all types of steel strip or non-ferrous products, and carries out revamping works and services.


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