Why innovation ? 

In order to respond effectively to the industrial and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow


We innovate to increase our technological lead and consolidate the competitive advantage of the solutions we offer as part of working with our customers to create the industrial plants of tomorrow,” Frédéric Sanchez, Fives Group Chairman of the Executive Board


" Designing today the plants of the future " is central to Fives strategy, and reflects the Group’s commitment to look further ahead, anticipate needs and respond effectively to the key challenges of the future.


Throughout its history, Fives has prioritized innovation as a central element of its business development and continuity. Fives believes that innovative solutions are the only way of ensuring profitable future industrial growth for all. The innovation policy implemented by the Group addresses the key industrial and environmental challenges faced by its customers. The Fives response is to devise new industrial solutions that combine performance with profitability, safety and respect for the environment.



Focus with Thierry Valot, Head of Group Innovation


Innovation has guided the strategy of Fives throughout its history, and represents one of the most essential driver of its growth today. Every year, the Group invests nearly a third of its net profit in Research & Development to devise new industrial solutions.


Our Research & Development policy is based on investing simultaneously in the development of breakthrough innovations and continuous improvement programs. The fact that our subsidiary companies operate in the key industrial manufacturing markets of steel, glass, cement and aluminum gives us the ability to adapt our expertise from one industry sector to another.


The diversity of skills offered by our people is a rich source of new ideas, which we then seek to develop and convert into innovative industrial solutions. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from our competitors and to lead the way with technologies that meet the needs of our customers and their markets, and sometimes anticipate those needs.


Our research and development programs are currently focused on process automation and intelligence, improving environmental performance and inventing solutions for the production of very high-quality finished products. In this way, Fives supports its customers by designing technologies that reconcile high levels of energy efficiency with environmental responsibility, operational flexibility and investment cost effectiveness.



> You will find below the speech of Thierry Valot at the "Thuesdays of Innovation" (only in French)






Reducing energy consumption
Reducing the environmental footprint of processes
Maximizing installation flexibility and availability
Economic performance of processes




Key figures for Fives innovation

>    €21 million invested in R&D in 2011
>    1,599  patents filed
   90 innovations patented in
3 years 

>    16 testing centers in Europe, the USA and Japan


The increase in R&D spending continued in 2011 with an expenditure of 21€ million. Continuous improvement of products and processes and new product development have significantly raised to reach 70 % of the total expenditure in 2011 (against 66 % in 2010).

In accordance with the Group R&D strategy, the percentage of patents relating to equipment energy and environmental performance is growing, and accounted for nearly 60 % of the new patents registered in 2011. 

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