How does innovation work? 

expertise, trust and networking


" Our proficiency in proprietary technologies and the development of specialist expertise in the processes operated by our customers are very powerful factors that set Fives apart from its competitors, ” Frédéric Sanchez, Fives Group Chairman of the Executive Board


The strength of Fives lies in the richly diverse skills of its people, strategic directions set by its executive officers and the trust of its customers. To support its innovation policy, Fives relies on its expertise in equipment design and its expert knowledge of the processes in which its equipment is used. Its presence in a broad spectrum of different market segments and the expertise of its subsidiary companies have enabled its Research & Development teams to work as a network within which to discuss specific issues and succeed in the development of innovative technologies.


In terms of innovation, the Fives development model achieves an effective balance between continuous improvement of its proprietary equipment, the development of new products and processes and radically innovative research. The Group Innovation projects are generally carried out in collaboration with customers, suppliers and French and foreign scientific research centers.

> A crucial partnership with customers

In the Fives innovation process, the ‘industrial preview’ phase is a crucial step, because it provides the opportunity to appreciate the vision and constraints of the operator, and to check that the level of performance calculated from digital models or extrapolated from scale models will be effectively achieved under real-life conditions. This final pre-marketing stage is one of real partnership that involves joint acceptance of the risks involved and the potential benefits.



> Collaborations with research centers

As part of maintaining a demanding level of scientific objectivity and benefiting from the latest advances in fundamental research, Fives and its subsidiary companies have signed collaboration agreements with public and private research organizations in France and internationally, including INSA (France), the Fraunhofer-ISE Institute (Germany) and the TNO research organization (Netherlands).



> Intellectual property

Defending its intellectual property by filing patents is another element of Fives innovation strategy. Doing so enables the Group to retain the crucial technological lead required to maintain its competitive edge in international markets.


> Group innovations

Fives technologies are central to many emerging areas of technology, including renewable energy (solar photovoltaic, bioenergy, etc.), very high-speed automated production lines (in the automotive and logistics industries), high precision machining and combustion systems emitting very low levels of pollutants.





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