Flash Cooling® technologies 


Designed for use in the production of high-performance grades of steel, the range of Flash Cooling® technologies has recently been expanded with the addition of a wet process that allows very high elastic limit steels to be processed on the basis of new thermal cycles. Wet Flash Cooling® cools steel strip by spraying a mist of water and nitrogen.


This new process makes it possible to reach cooling rates in excess of 400°C per second, which is two to three times faster than current dry or wet controlled cooling processes (such as Jet Cooling, Rapid Cooling, Roll Quench and Mist Cooling). This technology also makes it possible to achieve highly accurate and uniform cooling curves, as well as having the versatility to produce a wide range of steel grades. Wet Flash Cooling® now opens up new possibilities for producing martensitic steels on an industrial scale. Traditionally produced using a final hot quench step, these steels are in high demand in the automotive industry as part of its quest to produce lighter vehicles.


Flash Cooling® is developed by Fives Stein.


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