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Our active policy covering apprenticeship, internships and international voluntary service in business (VIE - volontariat international en entreprise) gives students an opportunity to augment their academic career with operational engineering experience.
The engineering activities and international projects that make up the Fives Group’s core activity enable us to offer students and graduates a wide range of internship, VIE and apprenticeship opportunities.
Based on their specialties and areas of interest, interns in our subsidiaries can choose assignments that provide an ideal complement to the course they are followed, consolidate their acquired knowledge and meet our operational needs in one of a number of areas.
In one of our design departments,
In one of our R&D departments,
In project management or on-site equipment start-up,
In sales or purchasing support functions.
Internships with a technical focus
Our subsidiaries all regularly offer internships* with a definite focus on technical functions for second- and third-year students in engineering schools or universities. Recently, Fives Cail involved an intern in the development of a sizing tool for the company’s sugar equipment. This gave the engineer an opportunity to take part in work that concerned not only mechanical sizing (extension of the existing tool’s capacities) but also processes (weight-assessment optimisation).
A first international opportunity
For students wishing to round out their studies with an internship or a year abroad, we also offer medium- to full-length internship opportunities working on one of our export contracts, notably involving installation supervision or start-up tasks.
For its Turkish sugar factory construction project, Fives Cail gave an intern start-up engineer responsibility for overseeing part of the work, drawing up progress reports and supervising the local subcontractors, interfacing directly with the site manager.
Apprenticeship – a different approach to knowledge transmission
Fives, which has an ongoing commitment to knowledge transfer, is keen to attract apprentices with all forms of qualification to the Group’s businesses. As well as putting the young team member in real-life work situations from an early stage, this approach to integration – where in-company experience alternates with formal learning – ensures that the full range of know-how relating to our processes is maintained and continues to be passed on within the company, thereby keeping our expertise intact.

VIE: Our strong international presence enables us to offer technical and support VIE assignments in a variety of countries
The VIE scheme, which offers highly-operational international assignments lasting for between six months and two years, is now an established way to start a career with Fives. Thanks to the assistance and support that we give our customers during the design, implementation and start-up phases, our VIE interns have opportunities to wok with operational teams in many different countries, among which Qatar, Oman, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil and China.
Assignments can range in nature from highly-operational project work to financial controlling. These assignments, which take place in multicultural environments, are both professionally and personally rewarding, and show interns how to take a pragmatic approach to situations on the ground. 

Regular monitoring and attentiveness to new employees through the starter meeting
In order to determine satisfaction levels among new recruits, we run starter meetings that allow us to:
Identify the Group’s strengths and weaknesses as regards attractiveness and visibility
Identify new employees' medium- and long-term career development aspirations as early as possible
Show new team members that they are important to the Group
* Fives now uses the “placeojeunes” platform to transmit its offers to engineering schools and universities which run the relevant degree courses.

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