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Simon, 27 years– VIE at Fives Cail
1. Background

Simon, a graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and São Paulo Polytechnic School, has just completed a period of international voluntary service in business or VIE for Fives Cail Brazil, a part of the Group’s sugar division.
2. Experience 
After deciding to round out his international experience with a VIE, Simon opted for the 12-month internship on offer at Fives Cail, partly because of the geographical location (he already knew Brazil a little), but mainly because of the brief.
In the small entity to which he was posted, he soon became operational, and was given responsibility for providing preliminary-design and implementation support for Fives Cail’s Brazilian subsidiary.
He was therefore in constant contact with the purchasing, preliminary-design and implementation teams, and soon became familiar with all of the ongoing interaction between the various departments.
He played a key local support role for his contacts, and had opportunities both to approach local suppliers and to prepare offers.
3. The positive benefits
I provided logistical and administrative support for the subsidiary. This was a unique experience, because I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the company’s processes and activities within a very short timeframe, and from the standpoint of someone in a position of responsibility.
Simon will soon be joining Fives Cail’s development department as a product manager.

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