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  One of the aims of dialogue is to provide an appropriate response to individual employees’ career development aspirations – where relevant – and to facilitate this development by implementing training programs that are centred on key business-specific skills, but customized to take into account individual backgrounds.
The careers space of the website includes a section dedicated to internal job applications. Any employee who is interested in a given position may apply confidentially.
Career management committees: each year in each subsidiary, the management committee, together with department heads and with a representative from Group HR – undertakes a review of all engineers and managers, and sometimes every single employee. The aim is to assess their performance over the year and look at their career plans, review development opportunities and define appropriate action plans. Each employee may access records of the exchanges about him or her. 
Because this exchange takes place at Executive Committee level with HR representation, it is possible to meet career development wishes that the subsidiary would not be able to satisfy on its own, thereby greatly increasing the number of opportunities available. Mobility within the Group (between businesses, from company to company and internationally) is not only encouraged – it is the most-valued path towards rapid career development.

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