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 Quality Surveillant 


Robert, 38 – Quality Surveillant at Fives Solios in Montreal
1. Background
After obtaining welding and metalwork qualifications, Robert decided to round out his expertise with a university course in management and humanities. He worked for seven years as quality control manager in a company specialising in mechanical welding and the installation of pressure vessels and boilers. It was there that he developed his expertise in the supervision and coordination of sites and manufacturing facilities, thanks notably to his involvement in the construction of thermal power plants and in the manufacture of equipment for key aluminium-sector players. Since joining Fives Solios in the Group’s aluminium division five years ago, Robert has held a variety of posts, and is now a quality surveillant in the Canadian subsidiary.
2. What’s your role at Fives Solios?
When I first arrived at Fives Solios, I was essentially in charge of quality control, but the scope of my job has broadened, and I now supervise and manage production for international projects. I also coordinate teams manufacturing equipment on site, and look after transport and logistics for major Fives Solios contracts such as Fjadaal in Iceland and Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman.
3. What are your main day-to-day responsibilities?
I work in collaboration with the project managers and the design department to monitor quality and progress for the projects under my responsibility. I have to address all of the technical questions relating to quality and to the procedures we put in place for each project. I also coordinate the subcontractors working on our sites, and it's very important to build relationships of trust with them to ensure that the deadlines imposed by our customers are met.
4. With such a wide-ranging job, you must be in contact with a lot of different people?
I report to the operations manager and work directly with the project managers, the quality manager and the design department. Externally, I'm essentially in contact with our customers’ quality managers and project managers. Since I’m sometimes involved in the logistics and transport side, I also interact with our suppliers’ and subcontractors’ logistics managers in order to manage the transportation and delivery of equipment and materials.
5. What would you say is most attractive about your job?
Since I started at Fives Solios, I’ve constantly had to address technical and human challenges to ensure that the commissioning and operational start-up of our projects are optimised. The projects I’ve supervised, and notably those in Portugal and the United Arab Emirates, have left me with very good memories – not just professionally, but also personally, since they gave me an opportunity to discover new cultures.
6. If you were asked to describe the Fives Group in a few words, and encourage new people to join us, what would you say?
For me, what sums up the Fives Group is the range of technical and technological challenges that we constantly have to address in order to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with innovative, made-to-measure solutions. At Fives, I can learn, develop and move forward, both professionally and personally – plus I get the chance to meet new people from many different countries and backgrounds on a daily basis.

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