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 Quality and Inspection Manager 



The Quality and Inspection Manager works with the Project Managers and the design Department, monitoring quality and progress on the sites that he is responsible for. People rely on the Quality and Inspection Manager for answers to the full range of technical questions relating to quality and to the procedures put in place for each project. The function of Quality and Inspection Manager includes coordinating the various subcontractors involved in the projects.




Lui Chao, 29, is a Quality and Inspection Manager at Fives Stein in Shanghai. After graduating from Hefei University of Technology, Liu specialised in steering and quality control, and has particular knowledge of the ISO 9001 standard. He started his career in a heavy machinery plant in Shanghai, and was recruited in April 2006 as an Inspection Manager at Fives Stein’s offices there. He has just been promoted to the position of quality and Inspection Manager.



"My job covers two main functions – quality steering and inspection management. On the quality side, I assist the management committee in the implementation of its quality policy and the improvement of our ISO 9001 approach as regards guidelines, procedures, objectives, and so on.

This means I supervise all of the steps and procedures put in place internally concerning problem management, transmission of information and customer feedback, and implementation of monitoring procedures. In addition I manage the inspection team that monitors the quality of our suppliers’ products.

That involves inspection plans, individual project programs and instruction manuals. I also supervise the manufacture of equipment in order to avoid problems, particularly during the production cycle."




Good coommunications skills

Ability for project management

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