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Main technical activities by family
Research and development
As part of the Group's innovation policy, the R&D teams work to develop and upgrade our equipment and processes. They analyse the operation of existing installations, perform R&D studies and calculations, conduct tests aimed at defining new technologies and participate in the technical validation of projects.
Positions include: calibration technician, R&D engineer, technical expert, process engineer.
Preliminary design
Working in close collaboration with the sales department, and taking care to consult all of the company's departments – and notably the purchasing and design departments – the preliminary design teams define technical solutions and prepare budgetary projections for the preliminary design of equipment and turnkey workshops. Their work involves making technical choices, taking decisions on sizing and processes, drawing up technical specifications and calculating costs.
Positions include: costing technician, costing engineer, preliminary-design engineer.
Working closely with the technical and preliminary-design departments, the sales teams identify new markets, analyze changing customer needs and draw up offers for equipment and turnkey workshops. Their work involves negotiating technical, financial and contract-related aspects of projects.
Positions include: sales engineer, business-development engineer, key-account manager, marketing manager.
Our purchasing departments, which work with the preliminary design, sales and technical teams, are responsible for identifying and selecting suppliers and subcontractors – in most cases, internationally – in accordance with quality, cost, innovation and financial-soundness constraints. They issue invitations to tender, conduct negotiations and draw up contracts, and are responsible for overseeing work until the final delivery stage.
Positions include: buyer, project buyer, international buyer.
Our design departments bring together a wide range of mechanical and civil-engineering know-how, as well as expertise in areas such as equipment, instrumentation, automation, electricity, installation and piping.
Depending on their degrees of competence, engineers or technicians can be given responsibility for defining technical requirements and drafting documents (plans, equipment lists, specifications, instructions, etc.) required for project implementation. For complex projects, the design manager has to lead multidisciplinary – and often multicultural – teams. He may also be required to supervise outsourced design work.
Positions include: designer, design coordinator, consulting engineer, design engineer, structural engineer, documentation technician.
Project management
The project manager, who is the customer's main contact, manages his own projects from start to end, thereby ensuring that contracts are honoured and that projects are completed within budget. He coordinates the work of the departments involved, supervising production and ensuring that deliveries and services comply with the relevant technical specifications and lead-time constraints.
Positions include: project manager, project or implementation engineer, planning manager.
Sites and workshops
The sites teams, who are in constant contact with our customers, are responsible for the assembly and start-up of equipment and turnkey plants, very often outside of France. They coordinate the on-site work of partners, suppliers and subcontractors, and ensure compliance with the agreed specifications, costs, lead times and health & safety rules.
Once a facility has been completed, the site teams look after the start-up phase.
In certain cases, the site phase is preceded by a preparatory workshop phase.
Positions include: site manager, construction manager, site engineer, start-up engineer, start-up technician, site foreman, works foreman, assembly technician/supervisor, workshop foreman, welder, fitter, pipe fitter.
Quality assurance, production monitoring and quality & method control
The quality control teams are responsible for ensuring the compliance of products purchased, subcontracted and assembled by our subcontractors. They conduct supplier audits before and during contracts, identifying non-compliance and ensuring that remedial action is taken.
Positions include: production-monitoring engineer, quality controller, inspector, quality-assurance manager and safety manager.


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